Spring-summer collection

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Louise, a summer pastry that combines the delicate flavors of green tea and strawberry in an almond biscuit macaron ... An elegant and refreshing pastry.

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Douceur abricot-miel

The perfect harmony between the acidity of an apricot jelly , the crunchy pistachio biscuit, the sweetness of the almond biscuit and the delicacy of a honey mousse.

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Tarte fraise-verveine

The strawberry-verbena tart celebrates the beautiful season with freshness. The cryspiness and salt tart of the gluten-free Breton shortbread made with rice flour is combined with the freshness of the verbena ganache and the sweetness of the strawberry.

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Chou caramel-cacahuète

Angelina has chosen to make a pastry for Epicureans. This chou pastry with a creamy caramel heart marries the crunchiness of peanut with the voluptousness of a light vanilla cream. The pasrty is topped with caramel milk chocolate.

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A must-see on sunny days, the famous Fraisier combines the freshness of strawberries with the sweetness of vanilla cream.

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Mont-Blanc cerise griotte

For the summer season, Angelina pays tribute to the famous Mont-Blanc pastry, creating a gourmet version combining chestnut cream with cherry.

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