The Classics

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The two yearly collections of Angelina are built around classics of French pastry as well as ephemeral creations, following seasonal products and the pastry Chef's inspiration.

Choc Africain

Rediscover the rich aromatic strength of dark chocolate and all the smooth creaminess of the famous "African" Angelina hot chocolate in this superb pastry.

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Paris-New York

Angelina has given a new twist to the classic Paris-Brest by associating the traditional praline with North American grown pecan nuts.

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Tarte citron

The Angelina lemon tart perfectly balances the acidity of the lemon and lime with a meltingly creamy texture.

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Eclair chocolat

An éclair that reveals all the intense aromas of chocolate, worked in both the cream filling and the icing. A creation for true chocolate lovers!

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Succès noisette

Hazelnut lovers will succumb to the charm of the Succès noisette pastry : a great classic French pastry !

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This basic essential in the French pastry repertoire has been reinterpreted by Angelina chefs. The caramelised pastry layers contrast with a light vanilla cream of which the aromas are highlighted by the infusion of the vanilla pods.

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The Mont-Blanc is the singature pastry of Angelina. The recipe was created at the beginning of the 20th century by Angelina pastry Chefs and has remained unchanged since.

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