Angelina's know-how

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Angelina's know-how

When Anton Rumpelmayer founded Angelina under rue de Rivoli arcades in Paris, he wanted Angelina to become the ultimate gourmet temple and a symbole of the French way of life. Thanks to his pastry know-how combined with his confectionery knowledges, he created unique pastries such as the Mont-Blanc, Angelina's signature pastry. Over the years, Angelina became the favourite meeting place of gourmets who run there to enjoy the emblematic Mont-Blanc, exclusive Angelina pastry creations and the best of the French pâtisserie.

Since 2013, Christophe Appert, Angelina very talented pastry Chef, persue this extraordinary heritage, by refreshing Angelina iconic pastries thanks to his exceptional know-how. « Mont-Blanc, Millefeuille… For each of this signature product, I experience small changes. The overall idea was to create lighter version and reduce the sugar to adapt to nowadays tastes without losing the pastry identity. »

Because Mont-Blanc is not Angelina only sweet, Christophe Appert revisit other classics of French pastries : Millefeuille, chocolate eclair, lemon tart… Besides these classics, he also creates exclusive pastry creations inspired by seasonal fruits. Everyday, more than forty pastry craftmen are dedicated to produce with passion and precision those delicacies, freshly delivered every morning at our boutiques and tearooms.

The Mont-Blanc


Angelina's signature pastry

Created by Anton Rumpelmayer at the early XXth century, the Mont-Blanc became a must of French pastry and Angelina pastry trademark that has contributed to build its renown since 1903. Its distinctive shape was inspired by the very popular long bob haircut that women worn in the early XXth. Mont-Blanc combines meringue, light whipped cream and chestnut paste vermicelli to delight even the keenest of palates.

Even if Mont-Blanc original recipe remains unchanged, Christophe Appert, Angelina pastry Chef, imagined size variations such as bite-size and to-share versions. He also twisted its flavors and create original versions with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, passion fruit and coconut…

Every year, Angelina dedicates several days to celebrate its signature pastry and its variations : Mont-Blanc Days take place early november... save the date !


The famous "African" hot chocolate


The famous "African" hot chocolate takes its name from it composition : three carefully selected kinds of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire. The secret recipe for this chocolate mix is specially put together for Angelina.

The combination of these different types of chocolate from different lands lends Angelina's hot chocolate its exceptional taste and distinctive character.

Over the years, its unique taste became famous around the world and makes it a must-taste for any tourist visiting Paris. Its recipe is a secret kept for more than 100 years…

Angelina at home

Angelina offers its devotees the chance to enjoy a fine dining experience at home by presenting a selection of its top products to take away. 


The famous "African" hot chocolate

Our bottled or powdered famous hot chocolate will deliver an unspoiled pleasure. 


The chestnut cream

The chestnut spotlighted in the Mont-Blanc pastry, is available with our candied chestnuts, or with our incredible chestnut cream.



The range get completed with different tea flavours whose Angelina's special flavoured tea. 



The people behind Angelina today

More than a tearoom, the timeless and prestigious Angelina brand sybolizes today the fench art de vivre all around the world. Its centenary culinary know-how but also the expertise of the service team offer an unforgettable and timeless experience...


The serving team

The youngest waiter is just 25 and the oldest has celebrated working at the tea house for 22 years.

Pascal Léger, restaurant assistant manager, fondly remembers his first interview when he tasted the famous hot chocolate.

"The flavour, the intensity... It was an unforgettable experience."


The Chef

Erwann Le Guerroué, trained at Le Saint-Augustin and Le Libre Sens in Paris. He joined Angelina in 2013 and was tasked with creating a brasserie-style cuisine, which he delivers with freshness and novelty.
What is his secret? "It is the cuisine of my childhood - simple and straightforward, made with produce from the market and planned according to the season." Each season, he renews receipes with creativity, always looking for the lastest trending ingredients.