Winter sweets

For the Autumn-Winter season, the Angelina pastry Chefs have chosen to highlight seasonal fruits and products through a gourmet collection of pastries.

The creations exalt and enhance comforting flavours for the long winter afternoons.



Discover this gourmet collection in our shops and tea rooms!

Médicis, an exclusive pastry creation

For « Rubens. Portraits princiers » Musée du Luxembourg exhibition, Angelina pastry Chefs have imagined « Médicis ». With its dark chocolate ruff, reminding the princely court outfit and its caramel savours alluding to Rubens’ masterpieces scenery, this exclusive pastry is a tribute to the Queen Marie de Médicis who initiated the creation of the Palais du Luxembourg.

This pastry creation is exclusively available from October 4th 2017 to January 14th 2018

at Musée du Luxembourg Angelina tea room

Angelina iced moments !

Angelina invites you to share some refreshing summer moments and revisit for the occasion three of its pastries as ice creams sundaes: Mont-Blanc, its iconic pastry, Fraisier, the summer classic pastry, and Bianca, a delicate tribute to the Framboisier pastry.

A gourmet moment for Mother’s day

Angelina revisits a classic of the French pastry and reveals Charlotte: elegant alliance between acidulous raspberries and sponge cake.

At tea time, mothers and children are invited for a gourmet moment around a farandole of sweet delights inspired by childhood biscuits : strawberry small sponge cake, meringue, madeleine cake…


Those pastries are available at Angelina tearooms from May 20th to May 28th

Celebrate Easter with the “Belle Époque” Egg

To celebrate Easter, Angelina pays tribute to its incredible Belle Époque architecture scenery.
The "Belle Époque" chocolate egg emphasizes mouldings, gildings and fine decorative details for a refined chocolate-flavoured moment. Inside its dark Ivory Coast chocolate shell succumb to small milk and dark chocolates.


Discover the "Belle Époque" egg from April 6th to April 21st 2017.

Angelina reveals its Spring-Summer pastry collection

The Angelina pastry Chefs celebrate the sunny season : light and colour are highlighted. 

From now on, find our Spring-Summer collection in Angelina tearooms and boutiques, composed of fresh, delicate and sunny new creations !

Discover the new collection

Camille, pastry in the shade of the apple trees

For the “Pissarro à Eragny. La nature retrouvée” paintings exhibition at Musée du Luxembourg, Angelina unveils an exclusive pastry : Camille.

This trompe-l’œil pastry creation pays tribute to the painter, Camille Pissarro, and to its dwelling apple tree garden in Eragny. Such a ripe apple barely picked from the painter garden, this bright red pastry holds fruity and acidulous stewed apples soften by a green apple mousse inside a delicate chocolate shell.


Discover “Camille” at Angelina tearoom at Musée du Luxembourg (Paris)

from March 16th 2017 to July 9th 2017


For Valentine's day, Angelina pastry Chefs unveils Idylle: a pastry creation as a delicate rose that allies a vanilla mousse, to a crunchy honey shortbread, stewed strawberries, a lemon cream and fresh raspberries...


Discover Idylle from February 10th to February 15th 

Celebrate the Three Kings Day with Angelina

For the Epiphany, Angelina pastry Chefs imagined three exclusive creation: a traditional almond galette, a gourmet chocolate and chestnut galette and a refined brioche with orange peels, chestnut, and flakes of chocolate...


Orders availbable at the boutiques and tearooms

The peacock Yule log

Angelina’s pastry chefs honor the white peacock, a Belle Époque icon, by creating a peacock Yule log which exhales citruses flavours and exotic notes such as passion fruit, mango and coconut and is covered with the majestic peacock’s feathering sprinkled with gold.


Discover our Christmas creation

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